Combined with a huge integration platform from various operating system tools (saas) and information hardware and software equipment (Iaas), the enterprise operation is uninterrupted and guaranteed! Integrated application system allows users to complete operation in the same user interface, while integrating customer relation, customer service, BI, industry 4.0, and administration system. The Infra related equipment system sends out the notification when an abnormal state is found, and automatically reports the basic computing resources of Kubernetes and Docker for troubleshooting process and deploys and executes the task. Besides you can login MES from Comboware Cloud for operation on manufacturing and plant operation control system. Assist enterprises from generating PO ? production ? process control ? product finish and combine Internet of Things (IOT) & AI automated notification, and provide production log, decentralized and irreversible data.

Our Advantage

Business continuity

Business continuity

High specification for Backup solution. Off-site or local asynchronous replication data protection, data retrieval to restore local and reduce data gap, easy disaster drill, Reduce management cost.
Transfer fast on cloud

Transfer fast on cloud

Whether the operating software is new and old, we are all able to transfer fast on cloud, providing support for mobile devices and thus providing a VPN alternative

Powerful cloud integration with three in one management characteristic

A single management interface, consistent features, one-time deployment, and integration of systems through APIs. It also support the management of public and private cloud platforms at the same time. Power VC, OpenStack, VMware, Hyerp-V, RHEV, Citrix Xen,AWS, Azure, IBI softlayer,Google GCE,etc
Machine alert

Machine Alert

When a device failure occurs, the machine will automatically notify the problem and information to the robot !
LINE bot repaired notify

LINE Alert

When the robot receives a problem, the system will notify the engineer via LINE and we will fix it immediately.
Call Back

Call Back

Our team of engineers will call the customer and stay in touch until the problem is solved!